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Rachel Measures has been a Chartered Physiotherapist since 2004

and is based in the South East of England.

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Rachel has been riding for 30 years, and currently enjoys show jumping at grass roots level.  

She is in the process of developing a new EQM branded clothing range, and the first item available for purchase is a stylish soft shell show jacket.

Breeches and polo shirts are to be added to the range soon.

Each item is tested and approved by Rachel herself before being put on the market.

Rachel and Arctic Silk competing in 2012.  

With Rachel’s physiotherapeutic management, this mare was competing well into her 20s.  

She is pictured here aged 24.

The brand new EQM Soft Shell Show Jacket.

Available in Blue, in UK8, 10 or 12.


Equi-Measures fly veils